Letter to my self

Hi Lucy!

You were only 17 years old when you dicided to write letter to yourself. Now you are here, reading.

Do you remember what you were doing on 15.7.2015? You don’t? That’s why i decided to suprise you with letter. On 15th Juny you writed first post on your blog. You were introducing yourself to the world. I hope that right now more people know you than when you started writing. You didn’t believe in yourself.

You were really shy when you were younger, but how ever you had many friends and many boys were in love with you. Your eyes were everytime oriented wrong. You wanted boys you couldn’t have. I hope you have found someone who really love you and that you love him too. Ow, do you remember that neighbour boy who were 5 years older, but he was in love with you? You thought that he is kind a cute. Where is he right now? Why you don’t call him and grab a drink with him?

What about your family? Where are they? Is your brother in college? You really love your brother, but you were to shy to show him that. You were really happy for him, when he found his first job. What is he doing right now? Did his dreams came true? I hope so, becouse he is really talented and his look is charming. Please call him for me and make sure he is ok. I know he will be very happy, he ever was when you called him.

I almost forgot to ask you if you remember your wild nights? Every Friday night you were out with your friends. You were doing everything you wanted. Sometimes that was pretty scary and i hoped you would stop. But that was only way to forget your entire life. You were depressed. I believe that you remember that time of your life. You were out when was night and at your room when was day. Your favorite blogs on tumblr were about suicide and depression. But how ever  i believe that you gone through that stage in your life and you are enjoying happy life.

Last thing i want to tell you is that i have always believe in you. You were so strong, even when entire world judged you. You stand up for your friends and you supported every single people on the world who were doing right! You were really brave but you didn’t realize. But if i’m honest. Everytime you placed yourself in second place. Maybe that was guily for your depression. I’m sure you are happy and lucky right now.

That’s all i wanted to share with you right now. Maybe someday i will write another letter for you.

With love Lucy.

(15.7.2015 – Lucy,read this next year!)



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