Asos summer preview

Hi guys,

today I will make post about Asos clothes. I was searching on their page and I found many of summer pieces. I get inspiration to make new post about their fashion. So, today I will show you some pieces I would absolutely wear this summer, but they are too expensive for me.

It’s summer so we usually go to the beach or pool. And if you want to swim you might need swimsuit. Expect if you are visiting nudist beach. How ever this is my selection for swimsuit 2015.

I like this piece because of unusual top. It’s little longer than usually, but I felt in love with back. One of the best thing about this swimsuit is that you can take braces off.



So, if you are going on the beach you also need sunglasses to protect your eyes against sun. I found this one and i felt in love, because they have amazing pattern and they are unusual.


Last thing I will show you is outfit for summer nights. I choose this dress because it’s longer and if night maybe get windy you won’t freeze. 🙂



Next piece is top for this maxi skirt. Top is more colorful so it will be great combination for black maxi dress. And as you know, I really like back of this top.



And for the end I will show you my choice for accessories. Sandals are perfect choice for summer, because they are easy to wear and they are so cute.


And yes, last piece is bag. It’s small, but perfect size for summer nights. You can keep small wallet, phone, keys and lip gloss or maybe something else. I choose color to match brown top.


So, that’s my favorite selection for ASOS Summer 2015. If you are interested in anything you can go on ASOS page and buy anything you want. Here you are:

I hope you enjoyed and you like my post.

Have a nice day. Bye



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