Tijana Jurić was 15 years old girl from small Serbian town Subotica. She was very talented and everybody loves her. On Friday 25th July, she came home from her grandparents and the same day she disappeared.


When she came home, she decided to met some of her friends on football game in Bajmok. As soon as she came to Bajmok, she called her mother to tell her that she had arrived. After that she spent all night with her friends on football match, like every single year. Around midnight she decided to go home with her friend. In the middle of forest path she turned around and went back to football match to return some friend his jumper. Friend who was with her, offered to bring jumper back to her friend, but she declined. Than she went back to match. Friend whose jumper was, waited her for so long and than decided to go towards her. He didn’t met her, but he found her white all star shoe.

The same night Tijana’s friend called her and than wrote her a note on facebook. Her phone ring, but Tijana didn’t answer. In two hours Tijana’s phone was switched off. Friends thought than her phone battery run off. How ever, around one hour at the night every single Tijana’s friend went to searched her around Bajmok. Police also participate to that search. They were searching with dogs and also with helicopter.

Next day, her father came home from Belgium, wher he works as football coach. Police interrogated everyone on football match and they conviced that she haven’t met anyone new when she was at her grandparents.

On 28th Juny her phone was located near Hungary border. One day later in research was also integrated interpol and international police. There was also rumour that  she was seen in Hungary.

Following few days pass without any lead. Than on August 7th, was published that kidnapper had already arested. Few hours after, police confirmed that she was found dead near landfill in Sombor. They also confirmed that she was murdered the same day as she was kidnapped. As Tijana murderer was labelled man from neighbourding town. Murderer also told that before she killed Tijana, he drank some alcohol. Than he ran over Tijana and killed her. When she was dead, he drove her to landfill and buried her.

Now police suspect murderer for others rapes and murders. If murderer will be find guilty, he can get 40 years of prison.

After Tijana’s death so many Serbian people showed respect to Tijana. Also Serbian singer Ceca Ražnatovič dedicated song to Tijana on her big concert in Serbia (picture down is from Ceca’s concert where she sang song ”pile” for her). People also dedicated all concert to Tijana and made Facebook profile in her memorial. On internet you can also found so many of songs decided to her memorial.

ceca mit tijana – Here you can listen how talented she was.

I writed this post for her, becouse today is one year since she was murdered. I accompanied her tragical story since she was missing. It’s tragic how brutal people can be. She will be in my memory forever! REST IN PEACE TIJANA! ❤

tijana mit father

This is picture of Tijana and her father.



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