Tijana Jurić was 15 years old girl from small Serbian town Subotica. She was very talented and everybody loves her. On Friday 25th July, she came home from her grandparents and the same day she disappeared. When she came home, she decided to met some of her friends on football game in Bajmok. As soon […]

Asos summer preview

Hi guys, today I will make post about Asos clothes. I was searching on their page and I found many of summer pieces. I get inspiration to make new post about their fashion. So, today I will show you some pieces I would absolutely wear this summer, but they are too expensive for me. It’s […]

My experience

Hi everyone, I’m back with emotional post about my experience 1 year and a half ago. What i will tell you today, i have never told anyone yet. But because my blog is anonymous I’m ready to share with you my experience. I hope I will help someone and please be respectful to me, because […]

Letter to my self

Hi Lucy! You were only 17 years old when you dicided to write letter to yourself. Now you are here, reading. Do you remember what you were doing on 15.7.2015? You don’t? That’s why i decided to suprise you with letter. On 15th Juny you writed first post on your blog. You were introducing yourself […]